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Simultaneous Interpreting

What is Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting is a type of interpreting in which translation from the source language into the target language is rendered in real time. The interpreter listens to the speaker and interprets at the same time. Since this requires the highest level of concentration, simultaneous interpreters typically work in pairs and alternate every 20 to 30 minutes. In the UK in this particular job sector.

Advantages of Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is preferred type of interpreting by many event planners/organizers for the following reasons:

Disadvantages of Simultaneous Interpreting

The main disadvantages of simultaneous interpreting is that it requires specialised interpreting equipment which isn’t inexpensive and usually requires an experienced technician to install it.

Hiring Simultaneous Interpreters

There are several things that should be paid attention to when hiring simultaneous interpreters other than language pairs. In order to benefit from simultaneous interpreting services, the chosen language specialists should also:

Be familiar with the subject of the event. Knowing the language often isn’t enough to render an accurate interpretation. This is due to the fact that many subjects involve the use of specialised terminology which is very difficult to translate if not being familiar with the subject. For that reason it is very important for interpreters to have in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Have experience with the setting in question. There is a big difference in providing interpreting in small or large settings. In order to provide the highest quality service, it is crucial for the interpreter(s) to have experience with the setting in question.

Be competent to provide interpreting and professional. Inadequately trained and unprofessional interpreters can shed a bad light on their clients and seriously affect their reputation. To get the highest quality service, it is highly recommended to ask for qualifications and do some research on customer satisfaction before signing any contracts.